Summer Special: Make these five Healthy Drinks with these things kept at Home

In lockdown, most people are enjoying new flavors with cooking experiment to overcome boredom. Seeing the pictures of tasty dishes and whats app statues on social media, it can be guessed that people are considering cooking at home instead of ordering food from outside. Summer has started, in this case, if your mind is trying to drink something besides eating, then we are telling you the option of some healthy drinks.

Here are five healthy drinks:

Cucumber and tomato syrup


Cucumber and tomato are available in almost every household during the summer season. You can finely chop cucumber and tomato and mix it with curd and drink it with salt and ice. Potassium is found in plenty in addition to vitamins A, C, and K in cucumbers. At the same time, tomatoes contain vitamin A, C, and antioxidants.



Buttermilk Is drunk during summer in Indian homes. Buttermilk is made from milk and contains adequate amounts of healthy nutrients like calcium, riboflavin, protein. Drinking buttermilk does not cause dehydration and constipation, so drinking buttermilk is beneficial to keep the body healthy in summer.

Coconut water


Coconut water is a better option than normal water to keep the body hydrated. It is full of Vitamin E. To keep yourself hydrated and healthy, drink coconut water every day.



Lemonade contains vitamin C which is an antioxidant to protect against diseases as well as hydrates the body. So drinking lemonade in summer is beneficial for health.

Mint Drink


You can grind mint leaves and drink it in cold water with chili and salt. Mint has antioxidants, besides it is rich in vitamin C, iron, and vitamin ‘A’.

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