Nutrition for kids: Guidelines for a healthy diet

Nutrition for Kids

Although the majority of foods contain a variety of nutrients, we do not find a food that can contain all the nutrients necessary to build the body of the child, so recommend nutritionists the need to eat different types of foods and not limited to one category.

Essential food items needed by children;

Calcium: A large number of children lose calcium because of soda and other sugary foods. They absorb calcium from the bones, leading to their weakness and fragility. This requires about 500 mg per day of calcium, and you can drink milk, grains and orange juice.

Iron: Children need a daily amount of 7 mm of iron, obtained from milk, cereals, red meat, and eggs.

Fruit and vegetables: The child needs to eat vegetables and fruits regularly and twice a day, preferably eating vegetables and fruits in the form of snacks.

Cereals: Cereals are essential nutrients for building a baby’s body because it requires four servings of grain a day. The mother can give the baby cereal in the form of wheat patties, uncooked bread, or brown rice.

Zinc: Recent studies and research confirm that zinc strengthens the memory of children, and to obtain it must eat beef, liver and whole grains, milk, cocoa, nuts, poultry meat.

Salt: Salt improves the taste of food, but increase the rate lead to raise blood pressure, so you should reduce the amount and the use of herbs and spices, spices and lemon juice to add flavors to foods, and  children should reduce eating cooked cheese and sweets, canned soups, chips, pickles and foods Containing preservatives.

Milk and dairy products: Milk and dairy products strengthen the bones and teeth of children because it contains a high proportion of calcium, so doctors and nutritionists advise to provide milk to the child from the age of one year, and prefer to give him full-fat milk three times a day for its importance.

Fat: Children’s diet can not be free from fatty substances. Fat is an important source of energy, but the fat content of foods should not be more than normal, so as not to raise the level of cholesterol in the body.

Components of some healthy meals for children;  

Flaxseeds: Contains omega-3 fatty acids that improve brain growth and can be added to cereals, sweets such as banana cake and apple.

Sweet potatoes: Potatoes contain vitamin A, which maintains the beauty and health of the eyes and is an antioxidant in the human body, so this can be taken by children because of natural sweetness and eat as a snack.

Yogurt: The child can eat yogurt with a spoon of fruit or honey, and it is recommended to eat yogurt products containing flavors of chocolate, strawberries, and bananas.

Mango: Drinking a glass of mango juice provides all the baby needs of vitamin C a day.

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