Make garlic and red chilli sauce at home, this spicy sauce will taste

People from all over the world are forced to stay home due to the Corona virus lockdown. In such a situation, some people are trying new recipes. Everyday people are reducing their stress by making new dishes. In such a situation, we are telling you about such a recipe which is not even vegetable, even then you can eat it. Apart from this, its gravy can also be used in vegetables. So let’s know how garlic and red chili sauce is made:

  • Cut garlic cloves to make garlic and red chili sauce.
  • After this, take out the red chilli seeds and separate them.
  • Now clean red chili and garlic with water and grind them in a grinder to make a paste.
  • You can also use ginger and mango powder in it. It is very easy to make.
  • Now fry on a low flame by adding unrefined salt and asafoetida to garlic and red chilli paste.
  • Keep in mind that they should be roasted lightly.
  • You can use this chutney well for two days by roasting it.
  • Fry it till the edges of the garlic turn light golden.
  • Your red chilli and garlic chutney is ready. 

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