Best Cookbook Every Woman Needs in 2020

Whether if you are just learning the basics of making food or, you are a professional of the cooking world, having a decent set of cookbooks is very essential. From the best homemade food recipes to wow your family, to top best tips and tricks for mastering different unique cooking styles, the best cookbooks for women have a lot of recipes to impress and learn new techniques.

If you are struggling for something to cook, check out our top picks for cookbooks that are best for every woman out there who loves cooking.

The Best Cookbooks

1. Izzat Ka Khana: Mughlai Cuisine Recipes

This book is a composition of recipes which is beneficial for the human body, as food is a source of energy. Food is essential for one’s well-being and cooking is a culmination of science and arts, which maintains the overall balance of our health. In this book, dishes are prepared with the utmost care and effects in making food healthy, digestible and satisfying to your taste buds.

2. MasterChef (TM): The Ultimate Cookbook

With expert wine pairings from restaurateur and New York Times bestselling author Joe Bastianich and a foreword from Graham Elliot, an award-winning chef and Lollapalooza Culinary Director, MasterChef: The Ultimate Cookbook is all you need to take the next step in your own culinary journey.

3. Cuisine Kerala

“Cuisine Kerala” is divided into nine sections for easy reading and interpretation Essentials will tell you why rice and coconut are the mainstays of every meal. The socio-historical approach of the writer, tried and tested recipes (provided by experts) on almost every page, and the over 200 candid images that complement the text, make Cuisine Kerala truly a collector’s item.

4. Indian Cookery Course

Monisha Bharadwaj is an award-winning chef, author and food historian. She was awarded ‘Cookery Writer of the Year’ by the Guild of Food Writers and her books have been shortlisted for awards such as the Andre Simon Award, the Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards and the Jacob’s Creek World Food Media Awards.

5. The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook

Vegetables are an integral part of Indian cuisine – and this collection of 150 healthy and approachable vegetarian recipes showcases an array of delicious breakfasts and drinks, salads, vegetables and legumes, grains, and desserts.

6. Biryani

The biryani is India’s most beloved dish—one that has spread to all the four corners of the country and assumed many forms. It originated in the Mughal courts, flowering in the jagirs of Awadh and it is in Lucknow, Delhi and the small Muslim principalities of north India that one finds the classic versions, subtle, refined and delicately flavoured. Pratibha Karan gives us not just the definitive recipes from these regions but unearths rare and old dishes such as a biryani made with oranges, Rose Biryani and Kebab Biryani.

Our Top 4 Main Course Recipes

Prawn Pulao Recipe

Prawns Pulao is the basic rich recipe made often in most of the Indian homes. Prawns are the favorite amongst all of us. A simple and easy prawn pulao makes for a great lunch box option. I hope you enjoy this delicious Prawns Pulao recipe as much as I do. Read More

Malai Kofta Recipe

Malai Kofta Recipe is one of the very popular India vegetarian recipes. Made of paneer and potato balls dunked in delicious gravy or can be served as kababs. What is Malai Kofta? Malai means heavy cream and Koftas are nothing but meatballs. Traditionally Malai kofta curry is made from meatballs instead of paneer or potato Read More

Afghani Tandoori Chicken

Known for a lip-smacking and flavourful dish. Afghani cuisine always has us wanting for more. This recipe of Afghani chicken is no different. Chicken glazed with distinctive ingredients and grilled. Pune is heaven for Tandoori lovers. Read More

Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Dana) Khichdi

Today’s recipe is for those who like Fenugreek (Methi) instead of vegetables in their meals. It is a nutritious meal prepared with Fenugreek seeds and rice (khichdi). It is very easy to make the recipe, even if you are a beginner and don’t know anything about cooking. Read More

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